We are delighted to announce that the MOI Alumni Association is meeting for the 2nd time now.
All graduates are invited to join the meeting in Frankfurt on


September 8th 2016, 3.30PM (Carolinum, Lecture Room 112, 2nd floor).

3.30 PM - Introduction & administrative matters (platform)

4.00 PM - Discussion & Agenda setting for 2017

5.00 PM - Case Discussion Workshop with Dr. Weigl and Dr. Parvini. Topic: Trouble Management

We are going to present the new alumni platform (link coming soon), discuss how to further proceed and set an agenda for 2017.



This year we would also like to start working academically with you as part of the alumni day:

As experts in your profession we are sure that you are exposed to highly problematic cases or that you take over complicated cases of medical malpractise.


The Workshop 'Trouble Management' with Dr. Weigl and Dr. Parvini will concentrate on those cases. We would like to give you the opportunity to hand in your own cases and work on finding solutions together.

Dr. Weigl and Dr. Parvini are looking forward to receiving the cases you would like to work on until August 29th, 2016.


If you would like to attend the Meeting and/or Workshop, please register via E-Mail with Kathrin. (k.werner[at]med.uni-frankfurt[dot]de). You can upload the cases you would like to discuss either here (coming soon) or send them to Kathrin via E-Mail.


There is no fee for participating in the workshop.

The fee for our Alumni Association is 99€ per year. To register, please sign up via the e-learning platform (click here).


We are extremely proud and happy to professionalize the MOI network and build up the MOI family with you!