Program structure

This blended learning Master’s program has a modular structure and will be conducted in English. German-speaking students are permitted to submit their Master’s thesis in German.

The course is divided into seven obligatory modules:

  1. Basic theory I
  2. Basic theory II
  3. Placement
  4. Supervision
  5. Patient treatment
  6. Surgical techniques
  7. Implant prosthetics

In addition to the seven obligatory modules, students will also submit a Master’s thesis.

Each student is able to access teaching material and recorded lessons via our eLearning platfom in order to monitor and support independent study during the preparation/processing phase of material for/from seminars and teaching units that take place at the University campus, as well as independent study carried out during the placement and supervision modules. Furthermore, all case documentation can be uploaded to the University server so that this can be assessed in order to ensure the quality of each student’s practical skills.